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To be an educational community that offers quality instruction to young people and adults with limited resources, promoting their integral development and capacity for entrepreneurship, in order that they may attain more healthy, just and dignified lives.



Provide formal education and comprehensive training to youth and adults who have aged-out of the educational system and who are from precarious socioeconomic contexts, through diverse, flexible and open educational services.



  • Serve the needs of youth and the adult population that has been excluded from the school system in the country.

  • Provide an education based on human, scientific, technical, cultural, and spiritual principles that integrally educate the student, prepare him / her for entrepreneurship, work, social coexistence and allow him / her access to better standards of living.


  • Train the student in the development of social, cultural and academic skills, in literacy, primary, secondary and high school education with vocational guidance.

  • Develop an educational delivery modality framed in pedagogical principles appropriate to the core of students.

  • Promote entrepreneurship in the student, developing his/her creativity, innovation and new ideas for a better life.

  • Transmit specific knowledge to the student and awaken his/her awareness of issues of justice, peace, nonviolence, and gender equity.


estudiante eduvida
estudiantes eduvida


In Guatemalan society, access to a formal education is a major challenge.  Thousands of youth and adults, particularly those living in high-risk areas of poverty and instability, cannot read or write or have not been able to continue their studies at a primary and basic / secondary level of education.


This is due in major part to the shortage of quality educational services and resources provided by the Guatemalan government, and because a private school education is too expensive for those who live in high-risk areas.  It is important to remember that in Guatemala, not more than 3% of the GDP is invested in education, 30% of the population does not complete their primary education, and there are places where significant levels of illiteracy still exist.

In addition, in this social context with serious economic limitations and where thousands live in poverty or extreme poverty, many youths and adults cannot attend educational programs on a regular basis, or they need to abandon their studies because they must work to survive and provide for their families.  

If you consider that education is fundamental to human-social development, then the many individuals who lack an education are at a disadvantage. They face serious limitations in finding gainful employment, in developing a profession or trade, and finally, in the opportunity to enjoy a dignified life.

In 2015, aware of this reality, and consistent with our calling to be of service to others based on the values of the Gospel and our commitment to the holistic, formative and transforming mission of Jesus (John 8:32), our Mennonite Anabaptist community, Casa Horeb, initiated a project of formal education and training for life, with the mission of serving illiterate students or those interested in completing their primary or basic / secondary education.

The EDUVIDA project, Education for Life, initially began with the purpose of serving adolescents, youth and adults in our own church community and immediate locale. At first we participated in an education program that offered an opportunity for individuals to complete their studies without cost, while at the same time enabling them to continue to work during regular work hours.  In the end, due to necessity and demand, we created our own education center.  This project has grown and now serves students from different areas of the department of Guatemala.

Today, EDUVIDA is a no-cost education center, accredited by the Ministry of Education, and includes three programs: literacy, accelerated primary, and flexible modalities (basic /secondary education), which is in session on Sundays in order to benefit those with few resources who need or are interested in an education and in preparing themselves for life.  At each of these levels, the program has sought to provide a formal and comprehensive education that prepares its students for life and a transformation within their own social context, and enables them to develop in a dignified, fulfilling and holistic way in society. The studies are strengthened with the additional provision of an education in values and other educational services. The project works under the Casa Horeb Civil Association, registered with the Ministry of the Interior, file No. 5122121535861.

From its beginnings to the present time, 228 individuals have been served.  In 2018, 110 students were served.  But the needs and demands for an education are great.  Each year, there are many more individuals interested in studying in this program.  Because of this, the Casa Horeb Civil Association plans to strengthen and extend this educational project. Another dream is to establish a Baccalaureate (high school level) program for those who wish to complete it.

Throughout this process, the purpose of EDUVIDA is to facilitate an education that transforms and trains students to be entrepreneurs in life.

EDUVIDA is an expression of our Christian identity and vocation of service.  As disciples of Jesus, we have the calling to promote the good news of the love of God in our world with words, testimonies and acts.  One way of proclaiming and making present the Reign of God is to walk and work with love, an attitude of service, and in a concrete manner, among those with the greatest need within our social context.  It is in harmony with this call, that we promote EDUVIDA.


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